We're just getting back in the
Web Design game

The same Neurovision team that were hand coding websites way back in the day, are now using Squarespace and Shopify to produce both functional and aesthetic products at a fraction of the cost.

After continued requests we’ve decided to re-join the world of web design to build sites for small businesses at a fraction of what it would cost to design and build a Wordpress site from scratch. We still love Wordpress, it has its place.

For us, Squarespace and Shopify are both extensively expandable platforms and for our users, their simple to use, search engine friendly and sexy az.

Past Web Design examples

Here’s a sample of Wordpress sites we built. You can see the difference between what we were doing then, and the site you’re on right now.

Riverbend Accommodation

Glenhope Alpacas

Glenhope BnB

Riverglen Farmstay

Recent eCommerce examples

 Premium Workwear Store - SParky workwear

Premium Workwear Store - SParky workwear

 Mens Gift Store - Roughly.co

Mens Gift Store - Roughly.co